Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Instant Dates & Oats Kheer

The Holy Bibble Calls Dates as the "Tree of Life" & the Holy Quran says "It's the blessing from Paradise". Even if one is not looking at the health benefits, dates taste so yummmm & delicious that one cant refrain from consuming it.
Khajur aur Oarts ki Kheer

Since childhood I have seen Muslim families using dates extravagantly during the month of Ramazan. Infact they break their fast with this fruit. And I must admit the ripe, soft & juicy dates is something to die for.

So making a healthy tasty dish using dates (khajur) was my agenda. And as a lazy bum I didnt want to spend much time doing so. In my quest of an Instant tasty Dates food I stumbled upon this Dates - Oats Kheer.

So for the ones fasting & the even the ones who aren't I am here with a creamy, Sweet, healthy Kheer.

Ingredients of Making Kaju Oats Kheer:

1. Oats - 4 tbsp
2. Dates, ripe - 10 - 15
3. Almonds - 6
4. Milk - 4 cups
5. Nuts, chopped - To Garnish

Method of Making Kaju Oats Kheer:

1. Take a pan & dry roast oats till a nice nutty aroma comes.Keep aside
2. Chop the almonds roughly. Don't grind into fine powder.
3. Take 4 Almonds & make a paste by grinding.
4. Take the remaining 2 dates & finely chop them.
5. Boil the Milk in a thick bottomed pan. After a boil heat on low flame till milk reduces to half the quantity.
6. Grind the roasted oats.
7. Mix the chopped almonds, oats powder & Dates paste & blend to achieve a creamy consistency. your kheer is ready.
8. Refrigerate the kheer for about 20 - 30 mins.
9. Garnish with chopped dates & Nuts.