Monday, 1 July 2013



"Jab Tak rahega samose mein aloo.. teri rahunga oh meri shalu".. Keep Humming & enjoy this hot, crispy, spicy, tasty Samosas.

A step by step recipe with pictures of how to make Aloo Samosa is given here. Hope you make this & enjoy with family & friends... 

Ingredients for dough

1. Flour 2 cups
2. Ghee 2 Tbsp
3. Water as required 

Ingredients for Filling Aloo Samosa

1. Boiled potatoes 3-4
2. Sliced onion 1
3. Sliced green chillies 2
4. Salt to taste
5. Red chilli powder 1/2 tsp or more as per your taste
6. Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
7. Cumin seeds 1/2tsp
8. Coriander seeds 1/2 tsp
9. Pomegranate powder (Anardaana powder) 1tsp
10.Juice of one lemon
11 Fresh chopped green coriander 3 Tbsp
12.Fresh mint leaves chopped 1Tbsp

Method of Making Samosa Pattice:

  1. Sieve flour & Add Ghee to the flour & mix well.

  2. Now add water to it & Knead well such that the dough is neither hard nor too soft, just the right constancy.
  3. Take a bowl grease it will oil & put the knelled dough inside & grease the top surface of the dough with a tea spoon of ghee or oil & cover with a damp tea towel or muslin cloth. Refrigerate the bowl for about 2 hours or so.
  4. While the dough is in refrigerator let’s take a tava (Flat pan) & dry roast coriander & cumin seeds on one side of the stove & on the other side boil potatoes in a pressure cooker.
  5. Take the roasted cumin & coriander seeds in a plate & keep aside. Now remove the potatoes from the pressure cooker, peel its skin & let it cool.
    How to make Aloo Samosa Filling
  6. Mash the boiled potatoes & make sure that you don’t end up making it a smooth paste. Try and keep a few pieces. To the mashed potatoes add the roasted cumin & coriander seeds.
  7. To the potatoes add the rest of the spices like Sliced green chillies, Salt, Red chilli powder & Turmeric. Mix Well.
  8. Add the freshly chopped green coriander & mint leaves.And our aloo filling is reday for the Samosa....
  9. Remove dough from refrigerator & divide it into small portions/ small balls.
  10. Roll the small bolls of dough & make small flat rotis. Cut these rotis into half.
    how to make aloo samosa at home
  11. Take the half roti & make a cone out of it. 
    how to make samosa at home
  12. Press the edges of the cone with water, keeping the mouth of the cone open
  13. Add the filling of potatoes into the cone & close it.
  14. Tightly press all the edges.

  15. Deep fry them till golden brown.

    Voila! Hot aloo Samosas are ready
Serve it with the red chutney and green chutney :)
Note:  You can freeze these by lightly frying it in hot oil( just to remove it rawness) & then store in a freezable container using wax paper in between each layers